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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 8, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. a fun day at a california amusement park turns into a nightmare. a roller-coaster heading 55 miles an hour around a corner skrashs into a hu-- smashes inta huge tree branch and then it derails. passengers left tangling 30 feet in the air for nearly 3 hours. >> i was really shocked at first. i had no idea that could even happen. it is a really big shocker. >> you can see firefighters bringing the trapped riders down one by one. four people suffered minor injuries. >> happening today the benghazi suspect cat tabu cat tal law is back in court. we learn more about the attack that killed four americans. court documents are pointing to a pre-meditated attack about the
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anti islam video. a rookie judge is assigned to preside over the trial. tries cover cooper three months into his tenure and was part of the obama transition team. this as it is reveal the house republicans want to spend a million dollars on the probe that's more than the ethics committee. just moments ago oscar pistorius closed his case. the judge will have to decide if the blade runner made a mistake or deliberately murdered his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> overnight a woman who abandoned a baby girl on a busy subway platform is arrested. the 20-year-old woman was caught on surveillance video entering the station with the baby in a stroller. she jumped on to the train and left the little girl alone on the platform. the baby was not hurt and is now in the custody of children's
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services. coming up in about 10 minutes we will have the live report on the latest on the women's arrest. >> president obama plans to ask congress for $2 billion in emergency spending to deal with the border crisis. this as lawmakers head to the store the over crowded protestors stand their ground in california. steve, what's the latest? >> members of congress will get a first-hand look at the immigration centers in texas where those children are being cared for. 140 arrived yesterday. the border patrols in texas are swamped so the over load are sent to the san diego area. north of san diego where bus loads of immigrants were brocked by protestors the mayor is speaking out as this question for president obama. >> what are you going to do? this is a federal problem it needs to be addressed at the
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federal level. all of this out here will not fix anything. whether the buses come or don't come the problem still exists and the president needs to address it head on get together with congress and fix it once and for all. >> the president heads to texas tomorrow but will not stop at the immigration centers. he will ask congress for 2 billion in extra funds for border protection today this as the white house is taking a harder line on the immigration issue. >> based on what with know about these cases this it is unlikely will apply for humanitarian relief. they will not have a legal basis for returning to tstaying in th country and they will be returned. >> he agreed with preside-- gre president obama when he got off the tarmac. perry will meet with him to have a more substantive conversation about the border crisis. >> steve secentanni live for us
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thank you. the white house's response saying americans are now feeling the impact of the president's record. >> the problem with the white house keeping their story straight is they don't know what they are doing to do in private. there has been no policy. in the early years they pointed to the fact that president obama voted. most people in the establishment slugged that off and thought it was a keep shot or a little elbow to the chin or maybe unfair. i think we are seeing the consequences of voting president. >> charles krauthammer has a bold warning on the influx. >> opening the doors in america to the influx it will double and it will triple. when we were told last week obama wants to change the law to make it apply is saying to
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central america as it does to mexico i say introduce the law immediately into congress and get it passed. he didn't. he obviously was never serious. i don't think he was lost on this. he knows what to do. he wants to win the political argument with hispanics and other pro immigration groups. very, very cynical. >> talking about the immigration influx is 2 billion in new jersey funding the answ-- in em funding the answer? we will have a live debate at israeli army says it is carrying out air strikes in the gaza strip targeting militants. it comes after militants fire rockets at southern israel late monday. nine people have been wounded by the air strikes.
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the reason what the citizens are facing on a daily basis. showing the reclusive isis leader al bagdadi is a fake. a military spokesman says he was injured in an air strikes and is recovering in syria. now the u.s. is analyzing that video. to extreme weather for you. mother nature unleashing its fury. massive foreign d massive tornadoes injuring people in west michigan. ripping the side off of that building right there. in iowa a twister tore the roof off of one woman's home. she just made it into the basement when it collapsed. over to las vegas where the truck was stuck in a muddy mess heavy rain turning roads and rivers into neighborhoods. flash floods also in minnesota t. closed down a busy interstate
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for two hours. thankfully it is open this morning. other man -- more than 60 people shot. the city lax gun laws are to blame. illinois ranked one of the top ten states with the strictest gun laws. there isn't a gun store in chicago city limits. adding more gun laws won't make a difference. the boston marathon bombing suspect denied the bombings but boasted about building a bomb. about a month before bombing the boston marathon tsarnaev told a friend he knew how to build a bomb and gunpowder would be needed. the 20-year-old is on trial this week for interfering with the bombing investigation by destroying evidence in tsarnaev's college dorm room. he texted him after the april 15th., 2013 bombings denying it was him.
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he faces a maximum 20-year prison term if convicted of the charge. >> a hearing to protect them frl retribution. one whistleblower said this it. va leadership repeatedly failed to respond to concerns raised by whistleblowers about patient care at the va going on to say management at all levels ignored or retaliated against them for exposing the truth. now there are accusations the va not stone walling members of congress. workers should stand down. have this has va nominee meeting with the senate veterans affairs chair today. >> a texas reunion. iraq war veterans from all over the country gathered in boston sunday for the 8th annual battle
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of fallujah reunion. they bonded with fellow vets. it was one of america's deadliest battles in iraq. more than 50 u.s. soldiers were killed and more than 400 were wounded. >> prices are rising on the west coast. two big fast food chains announcing they are raising food prices because of the beef and dairy drought. >> your favorite fast food may still be fast, but it ain't cheap any more. they have already raised prices this year and now another price hike may be on the way. usda is warning meat prices will rise at least 5 percent this year. dairy prices three percent and fruits and veggies about the same. half of the nation's fruits and vegetables are in california and
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the drought left half a million acres idled and your wallet are feeling the prices. gourmet cupcakes is closing all of the stores across the country. this according to the wall street journal. the reason behind it is a dwindling supply and cupcake craze that has faded over the past couple years. it comes after the nasdaq stock market suspended shares last week. home of the minnesota twins now sell beer at the vending machine. that's a first for major league baseball. you get a vending card to use at the machine then you can tap 48 ounces every 15 minutes but nothing after the 7th inning. stocks are down just a bit. we had a down day yesterday. but still dow above 17,000. >> lauren, thank you. it's 10 minutes after the
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top of the hour. ever wonder what it might be like to work as a firefighter? the new individual growthing you so close you can feel the heat. >> think twice before you take out cash. hackers using tiny skimmers to steal card numbers even reporting your pin. how safe is your atm? do you remember this guy? >> probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> why that sleepy yankee's fan is now suing for millions. >> he doesn't need that vending machine. >> your travel forecast and a look at the weather around the country. ♪ when la sends sales rep steve hatfield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's!
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>> a car thief could be key evidence in the case of a georgia toddler left to die in his father's hot suv. newly released information says he was too big for the rear facing car seat when he died. they purchased the forward facing seat for their son but turned to the old car seat weeks before his death. they searched his iphone and computer. he is in jail or murder charges.
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>> a missing pregnant woman in california. she went missing at the national park in san bernardino, california on june 28th. she has been living at the marine corps base which. her husband loved her and doesn't think she ran away. >> i don't picture erin doing that. she was like your -- you couldn't have asked for a better teenager. she started working at 14. she was very responsible. she was so excited about my trip coming up. that's all we talked about. >> investigators say there is a possibility of foul play in her disappearance. >> overnight the woman with a 7 month old baby girl who heft her
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on a subway platform is now in custody. what's the latest? has she been charged yet? >> ainsley, good morning to you. so far she has not yet been charged. sources tell me she has told police she could no longer care for this little baby that's why she abandoned her. she is being held this morning inside of a police precinct within the subway sayings. i want to show you video of the women who abandoned this young girl who is between 6 and 7 months old. the woman entered the subway system in times square. she boarded a northbound train. when it pulled into columbus circle when it is a couple stops to the north the doors opened she pushed the stroller with the baby inside out on to the platform and she got right back on the train. a passerby stayed with the baby to see if any one would come and claim her. when no one did she got help from police. this morning again so far there are no charges against this 20-year-old mother.
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police have not yet identified her. as soon as they do we will of course let you know. that's the latest. live from the columbus circle subway station this morning. heather, back to you. >> robert moses live for us. thank you. >> don't mess with this 83-year-old woman. lilly mcclendon fights off a would be burglar with water and a stick. he broke into her houston home and demanded her money. but she just celebrated her birthday july 4th and she was not going down without a fight. >> i grabbed a stick. i had sauces on the stove. i poured water on him. what kind of mama you got that raise you like this. you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> so glad she is okay. the man quickly ran off has not been caught yet. >> image going to the big yankee's red sox game to fall asleep. that's what one fan did and it
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was all caught on camera. >> not the place you come to sleep. >> how comfortable is that? >> probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> is that guy to his left his buddy who is letting him sleep or is he here alone? >> maybe that's his buddy and he likes him a lot better when he sleeps. >> this sleeping sports goer is suing the mlb, espn and the yankees for defamation. his $10 million suit ladies and gentlemens the commentators unleashed a avalanche of disparaging words. also claims he suffered substantial injury to his character and reputation as well as mental anguish and loss of future income. >> this lawsuit, is it fair or do you think it is prifl louse? facebook, twitter or send us an email at we will share your comments
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later on in the show. >> she is in my living room and i can't get out. she is got us stuck in her bedroom. >> a frantic family calling 911 # after the family cat attacks. >> tracking your every move. this morning we are learning more about just how vulnerable your cell phone might be to government snooping. oh hey there! (laughs) you're that grumpy cat. how about some honey nut cheerios? not even a smile? maybe someone should tell your face. ohhh that is your face. (angry cat purr) ah! part of a good breakfast... for almost everyone!
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>> one person is dead after two small planes collide mid air. one plane crashed into a wooded area bursting into flames killing the pilot. the surviving pilot a washington woman was able to land her plane
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and walk away. a michigan man under arrest after trying to board a plane with a knife at the detroit airport. it was found inside the bottom lining of the shoe in the man's carry on luggage. the tsa says it should have been placed in checked luggage. the man was arrested and put into custody. >> we are learning more about how vulnerable your cell phone might be to government snooping. shannon green has details. >> there is a cell phone tracking that they are using and the feds don't want you to know about it. if you have a cell phone you may have been tracked and you will likely never know. >> they send out powerful electronic signals that can tap through the walls and houses and offices and report back information about the serial numbers and their location. >> across the country local and
2:24 am
the stingray technology often without a warrant. privacy experts say they are growing increasingly concerned about pressure on the organizations to hide what they are doing. >> the fbi has been instructing local law enforcement not to disclose their methods including the use of the stingray devices. >> the aclu points to this e-mail which proves the u.s. marit marshall service has encouraged to make sure court fileings never reveal the technology is being used. oakland county under sheriff mckay says esquired to get a warrant in order to use the technology and it is limited in scope. >> it does knotted record conversations. it does not collect data personal data on anybody. it doesn't go into your smart phone and download anything. >> weeks ago the supreme court held a unanimous decision police must get a warrant before
2:25 am
searching the cell phone of someone who is under arrest. while stingray oo doesn't have the exact same situation they argue the same principal is the same. >> we asked the justice department about allegations and local police are being encouraged the feds to hide the use of this technology. so far no response. ainsley, heather, back to you. >> thanks, shannon. >> vigilant drivers taking matters into their own hands and trying to stop a reckless driver p on the roads. >> we are running the red light. we are running the red light. trying to box in a suspect weaving in and out of traffic in a fit of road rage. at one point he tried hitting someone with his truck. police finally caught up with the man and they arrested him. >> travelers trying to avoid sky
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>> breaking overnight terror on the magic mountain roller-coaster filled with people as it derails. what went wrong? >> the nation's second pot market hours away from opening the doors. there's one big problem. >> there coulding up to 10,000 people here. we only have 10 pounds of product. >> we are live with why sales in washington state could be off to
2:30 am
a shaky start. >> talk about a leap of faith. >> you won't believe how that ends. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning it is tuesday july 8th as the sun comes up over new york city thank you so much for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 30 minutes after the ptop of the hour. a roller-coaster going 50 miles
2:31 am
per hour knocks into a huge branch knocks off of the tracks and de rail from the coaler -- roller-coaster. they were left dangling 30 feet in the air. >> i had no idea that could even happen. >> you could see firefighters bringing the trapped riders down one by one. four people suffered minor injuries. >> happening today benghazi suspect ahmed abu kau thatala b in court. a well connected rookie judge now assigned to preside over the trial. christopher cooper is three months into his tenure on the federal bench. this as it is revealed house republicans want to spend
2:32 am
$3 million on the benghazi probe. that's a bigger budget than the house veterans affairs committee and ethics group. oscar pistorius legal team wrapping up it is case in the murder trial. the judge will have to decide if the blade runner made a mistake or deliberately murdered his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> aaron hernandez packing his bags. the judge allowing the ex nfl star to change jails so he can be close to his boston lawyers. he will be moved from the bristol county jail. it is unclear where he will be going. he faces murder charges in two of the cases two counts of first degree murder in boston and in the murder of oden lloyd. >> immigration over load. president obama plans to ask congress for $2 billion in emergency spending to deal with the border crisis today as
2:33 am
lawmakers visit over crowded detention centers in texas. doug luzader is live for us in washington with the latest. good morning, doug. >> good morning. the white house is asking congress to write a big check but the president appears to be backing away from plans to try to change the nation's immigration laws to deal with this growing problem. in the meantime we are seeing one large group of illegal immigrants after another taken from planes moved on to buses. federal facilities are being over run by the continuous waives of illegal immigration. >> we are out here because our coyote in chief asked illegal immigrants to come into our country and they are giving them places to live and they are taking care of them. >> the president denies the immigration enforcement policies are causing this. they may be deported assuming
2:34 am
they show up or a later court date. >> the children apprehended will go through the immigration court process. if they fail to not have legal basis for remaining in this country they will be returned. >> the president heading to texas for a fundraiser. he is avoiding the border something his fellow democrats would like to see. >> the lorder lines deserve a presidential visit. we are talking cultural issues, poverty on this side of the border. i think a visit by the president is reaffirming the borders are important to the administration. it would be very symbolic. >> the president is backing away from the plans to change the law to give them more authority to speed up the deportation. that may be a nod to pro
2:35 am
immigration activists that are putting pressure on the white house. >> doug luzader life for us in washington. thank you, doug. >> letis $2 billion in emergenc funding the answer? what are your biggest concerns? log on to "fox friends first facebook page for a live debate #keep talking. thousands of illegal immigrants children could be the least of our worries at our border. the flood of illegals could provide the perfect cover for islamist terrorists who enter our country. border patrols have been stretched thin dealing with the thousands that are coming from central america. it provide the perfect opportunity they say. >> isis has been plowing through iraq taking control over much of the country's northern region.
2:36 am
i creasing resistance with iraqi forces with violent battles happening near tikrit. the militant movement through iraq is a major blow through american troops who fought in the war. >> the capture of these cities is a major hit on the moral of the military. ooze those cities fall in the hands of terrorists no one in the obama administration is talking about the effect on our troops coming into service or the ones still there. >> isis controls the area between syria. >> speeds of 800 miles per hour.
2:37 am
airports are closed storm surges threatening americans there. they are stationed at the air base the largest u.s. military installation in the asia pacific region. >> happening tonight a hearing for the va whistleblowers who identified systemic problems within the agency which is accused of failing to protect them from retribution. va leadership has repeatedly failed to respond to concerns raised by whistleblowers about patient care at the va. management at all levels ignored or retaliated against them are exposing the truth. there are accusations telling police not to stone wall members of congress. workers should stand down. ed marriage law goes gender neutral. they signed in a measure that
2:38 am
deletes the term husband and wife and replaces them with spouse. the bill accommodates same-sex marriage after they struck down a voter approved ban. >> melanie griffith and antonio banderas says their divorce is amicable. this morning rumors are running wild. radar on-line have reports on banderas. a brazilian woman said he hit on her and sharon stone had to deny a rumor she seduced banderas. banderas was with a mystery woman. griffith filed for divorce two weeks later. madonna taking a bow from jury duty. >> the 55 yeefrld showed up to the new york city courthouse and
2:39 am
went directly to the clerk's office after talking with officials for a couple hours she was dismissed. they say her presence would have caused a distraction in the jury selection process. >> which is probably true. >> the time is 38 after the top of the hour. coming up it has happened again. >> not out of the bedroom but now she is in my living room i can't get out. she has us trapped into hur bedroom. >> another panicked family making a desperate call to 911 when a family cat attacks. >> you might be thinking twice before you take out cash, because hackers are taking tiny skimmers recording your pin number at atm's. how safe are you? first a look at weather around the country. [ male announcer ] identity theft ... it's one of the fastest growing crimes in america.
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>> la clippers owner donald sterling is likely to have alzheimer's. the ratest remarks -- raca fede judge okayed the nfl's concussion settlement. the landmark deal would compensate thousands of former nfl players for concussion related claims. pending final approval the settlement provide hundreds of millions of dollars of payments over the next 65 years. >> time now for your 5 at 5:00. a search smart sites like kayak always used advanced search options. second time is right.
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third look for an alternative airport when you search for flights. always check the all airports option. fourth sign up for alerts to sites like air fair sends out alerts via twitter or e-mail when prices take a dip. when you see prices drop act fast. it let's you reserve a fare. >> they have a tool to steal your credit card information. she is here with what you need to know. >> good morning. another day another scam to tell you about. this time it involves a smaller so-called skimming device. it has a computer and video camera men camera. it is inserted into the mouth and you can barely see it. it steals your card and identification number. this is from an atm security
2:45 am
team. it is going across europe. here's the thing. atm park security chip u.s. cards do not. scammers are taking stolen data in europe and sending it back in the u.s. here where they encode the data on to a card and with draw money. experts warn it is only a matter of time before the hackers make it to the u.s. full-time. >> scary stuff. thank you, lori. pot busts, washington state hours away from selling legal weed. why there could be a big shortage on day one. >> a disastrous collision course. what happens when two drones get way too close to a police chopper. >> beware of the bobcat. this animal is on the prowl. >> it looks cute, though. >> no, it is not. >> steve, tell us what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning ladies.
2:46 am
the bob katz are cute until they chew your face off. >> exactly. >> coming up on "fox & friends" cris crisis as they request 2 billion for the border today. where is that money going to come from? plus a mother takes a picture of her kids on the beach posing like the iconic copper tone ad. she wound up getting banned by facebook. also cheryl casone has the tips you need to create the best resume. laura ingram talks about the news. we have a lot of news kicking off right now right here on your channel for news, fox news channel. or, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. :.
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so he knows exactly when he can prep for his presentation. and when steve is perfectly prepped, ya know what he brings? and that's how you'll increase market share. any questions? can i get an "a", steve? yes! three a's! amazing sales! he brings his a-game! la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta!
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that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >> today is the day marijuana is
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legal in the state of washington. will the few store fronts selling the drug be able to keep up with demand? kelly wright is here with more on the washington state weed watch. good morning, kelly. >> healtther and ainsley good morning to you as well. like a rock star doing the same for marijuana in the state of washington. the sale of legal marijuana makes the debut today while the demanded among those who want to buy weed is high. the supply among producers is low. that's a problem for the stores that will open today. only 20 shops have licenses to sell. >> there could be anywhere up to 10,000 people here. unfortunately the down side to that we only have 10 pounds of product. realistically we will only be able to sell to about 2,000 people. >> i hear this is about 500 pounds for the whole state. that means there's going to be shortages for people. >> that means the cost of getting high on legal marijuana
2:51 am
could be as much as $25 a gram or higher double the cost of medical marijuana. while some are happy about the illegal pot some are concerned about what pot could possibly lead to. >> a lot of crime goes up. people growing it inside their what ends up happening is a lot of people start robbing with legal marijuana. a 55-year-old woman was standing in line she is voting for it she is going to make sure her vote counts when she is among the first to buy legal cannabis.
2:52 am
the footage was taken by the vista fire department in westchester new york using a special helmet camera that can with stand high temperatures. it shows two firefighters battling a house fire. it has been viewed more than 100,000 times. >> remember this pair of would be thieves? >> this is our stuff. >> gorgeous. >> i am glad i made it in time. >> i will and then i am going to get my camera and put it like that. >> according to police in florida the two women will not be charged for trying to steal another beach goer's stuff. the man who reported the viral video deciding not to pursue charges. the video now has nearly 3
2:53 am
million views. >> and it has happened again, a pet cat goes wild on its owners and draws blood. tress saw gregory says her cat named curb attacked her and her husband trapping them in the bedroom of their home in orlando. that's when they called 911. >> tore my husband up. she is been in the bathroom all day. let her out she was okay and she freaked. my husband is ripped up. i mean ripped up. >> animal control took the cat out of the home. it will be quarantined for ten-days. you may remember back in march a 22 pound house cat trapped owners inside the portland home after it attacked their baby. >> the ultimate leap of faith. a california firefighter asked his girlfriend to marry him while skydiving. that is awesome. after popping the 12,000 foot
2:54 am
high question he drops the ring. turns out it wasn't real, though. once they landed he got down on one knee and the real ring came out and he asked her again. >> she did say yes. apparently the couple they are meant to be together. listen to this. they have completed 224 sky dives together. >> that's a great way to pop the question. >> congratulations. >> the time is 54 after the top of the hour. drunk and desperate with no car in sight. what's a girl to do? mount a horse of course. you won't believe this one. >> a sleeping fan right there demanding cold hard cash after commentators are poking fun at him. is it fair or frivolous? your comments are pouring in on this one. >> house speaker john pay another is threatening to sue president obama for using executive actions to create laws instead of going through congress first. obama slug and a new law that says you can't sue the
2:55 am
president. i could do this all day, boehner. ♪ ♪ : in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you!
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the time now is three minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. four people recovering after a roller coaster at a california amusement park smashes into a tree branch that fell on the tracks. terrified riders at six
2:58 am
flags magic mountain were stuck in the air for nearly three hours. the lone benghazi suspect back in court as the government lays out evidence linking him to the attack that killed four americans. president obama asking congress for $2 billion in emergency spending today to deal with the border crisis as lawmakers head to overcrowded detention centers in texas. let's keep talking about the immigration influx. is $2 billion in emergency funding the answer? log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page right after the show for a live debate. >> time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a panda party. this cuddly bear celebrating her first birthday with visitors at the taipan zoo in taiwan with birthday cake made of bamboo, carrots and pine apples. >> a bobcat on the prowl in a neighborhood in phoenix,
2:59 am
arizona. police say bobcats rarely attack people but they might go after your small pets. >> the ugly. forget the get-away car, how about a get-away horse. cops say this woman was drunk when she stole the animal to rob a store. police found it tied outside. time for your brew on this responses. the yankees fan caught sniewzing -- snoozing is suing for defamation. do you think it is fair or frivolous? joe says frivolous. you have no right when you go to the ballpark and make a fool of yourself. this individual is an opportunist. >> theresa says you can't ridicule people without them knowing it. sherri e-mailed i was watching the game the night this fan was caught on tape. i thought it was humorous but i did feel the announcers were a bit rough on him. however, a lawsuit? seriously? thanks so much to everyone who responded.
3:00 am
>> we always definitely appreciate it. as we mentioned, be sure to join us right after the show because we will be continuing to talk about immigration. >> hash tag keep talking on our "fox & friends first" facebook page. "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it is tuesday, the 8th of july, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. terror on the tracks. a six flags roller coaster slams into a tree trapping and injuring riders on board. details on the rescue and what went wrong straight ahead. >> meanwhile now even democrats are warning the president about what can happen if he does not head down to the border. >> i hope this doesn't become the katrina moment for president obama. >> wait until you hear what the white house has to say about what's going on down there. >> they called him a another loser. >> how comfortable is


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